• In 2005 the guild sent quilts to Hurricane Katrina victims, and in 2011
    quilts were sent to Japan for the tsunami victims.  We have also made
    raffle quilts for Habitat for Humanity, Alzheimer's Assoc., and Relay for
    Life.  In 2017 many quilts have been made and donated to local victims in
    Vanceboro, NC, whose homes were flooded as a result of Hurricane
    Matthew in 2016.

  • In 2015 we started using our scrap fabrics to make pillows for the cats at
    the Colonial Capital Humane Society shelter.  These are approximately 20"
    x 24", about the size of a standard pillowcase.  So far we have made and
    contributed about 30-35 pillows.  We were asked by that group to make a
    raffle quilt for the society as one we made several years ago brought in a
    large amount of money for their all-volunteer no-kill society.  Several years
    ago we made two: one with cats, one with dogs.  After our initial gift of
    kitty pillows, the quilters group has enthusiastically taken on this project
    for using their scraps.  We now have made and donated several hundred
    pillows taken to the Sun Journal Newspaper to be distributed to several
    local pet organizations. In the May 28, 2017, full page thank you from the
    Sun Journal, we were mentioned by name.  

  • After the August 2017 Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston, TX, with a two-
    day lead time, the members of the TRQG donated over 50 quilts and
    blankets, plus over 200 pillowcases to be given to a donation center and
    handed out to victims of this tragedy.  Then, after a member went to
    Florida to help after Hurricane Irma, she requested pillowcases made that
    would be taken to Puerto Rico for victims of Hurricane Marie.  You may
    wonder why pillowcases, but they are strong and can be used as bags to
    carry food, water, and other necessities.  The hurricanes of 2017 have been
    devastating for many.

  • Comfort quilts were made for many of our members affected by Hurricane
    Florence in September of 2019.

Chair:  Sandy Smith